Second Helpings Information

For those who will be joining us tonight at Second Helpings, please read the information below in order to be prepared. We look forward to seeing you there!

How to Prepare

Dress code

  • Long pants (jeans are fine).
  • Non-skid, close-toed shoes and socks (tennis shoes are fine).
  • T-shirt or long sleeve shirt, no tank tops.
  • Baseball cap or hat (we have hair nets available if you do not have a cap).
  • No dangling or excessive jewelry, headphones or cell phones.


  • 1121 Southeastern Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana 46202
  • Visit for a map of where we are located

Parking and Entering Building

  • Free parking lot on the south side of the building; additional spots on the east side.
  • Enter via the Volunteer Door on the south side of the building (near the parking lot) and ring the doorbell.
  • Group will meet in the Front Lobby.


What to Expect

In order to learn more about Second Helpings, your group will start with a tour at 4:00 pm.  Next, you will begin your volunteer activities by 4:30 pm. Your group will help us chop and prepare various rescued food ingredients in our Hunger Relief Kitchen, and then break for a delicious dinner around 7:00 pm. Finally, everyone helps with clean-up before leaving around 8:00 pm (or when the Kitchen is clean).


Your specific tasks may include: washing, dicing and roasting vegetables and cooked or raw protein items such as beef, chicken or ham; wrapping pans of food with plastic and aluminum foil; washing dishes in the dish machine or by hand; and putting dry dishes away.  Clean-up will begin around 7:15 and may include: cleaning and sanitizing work tables; washing knives, cutting boards and other utensils used in your projects; cleaning the drains under the tilt skillets; collecting and taking out the trash, recyclables and cardboard to their designated outdoor bins; and sweeping and mopping the floors. We will try to wrap up by 8:00 pm or shortly after.


Water and snacks will be available throughout the evening. We suggest that you leave valuables at home or secure them in your vehicle. We encourage volunteers to turn off communication devices. Please step out of the Kitchen if taking urgent calls and wash your hands before returning to the Kitchen. Thank you!