We’re fundraising!

Indiana is the 10th largest farm state and is affectionately referred to as the heartland, and yet we import 90% of the food consume at a cost of 14.5 billion dollars. Slow Food Indy is working to educate consumers on the what great local choices there are in order to keep more food dollars in the Indianapolis community.

To that end, Slow Food USA is hosting a national leadership conference in New Orleans from May 16th-19th for chapter leaders all over the country. Board members Despi Ross and Rob Gaston are attending to represent all the great things that are happening here in Indy, and let Slow Food USA know that Indianapolis has great leaders who are making a positive change in our food system day by day. The networking, learning, and enthusiasm fostered by these conferences is beyond measure.

Monies raised towards this trip will help us keep our chapter funds to use on local support and projects. Support our Slow Food USA conference participation here.