Dining in the Heartland at Joseph Decuis Farm

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Dining in the Heartland at Joseph Decuis Farm
3:00 to 7:30 pm Thursday • June 20, 2013
An afternoon and evening at the farm about 6 miles north of Roanoke, Indiana (about 15 miles west of Fort Wayne).

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This fundraiser is hosted by Pete and Alice Eshelman for the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund (FTCLDF). FTCLDF, a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, created to defend the rights and broaden the freedoms of family farms and artisan food producers while protecting consumer access to raw milk and nutrient-dense foods

Register by May 31 to receive free DVD An Indiana Farm to Fork Celebration – the Joseph Decuis Story

$250 VIP Farm Tour & Heartland Dinner
$100 Heartland Dinner
price is $50 per child aged 3-10 (under age 3 free)

Event Schedule
3:00 pm VIP Farm Tour
Enjoy the full farm and dinner experience.

5:00 pm Heartland Dinner featuring Wagyu Beef Barbecue
Keynote Remarks – “Taking Back Our Food System”

Meet Fund Board Members and Special Guests, including Pete Kennedy, Esq., president; Sally Fallon Morell, author of Nourishing Traditions & Weston A. Price Foundation president; Elizabeth Gamsky-Rich, Esq., vice president; John Moody, author of Food Clubs and Co-op Handbook; Gary Cox, Esq., FTCLDF General Counsel; Kristin Canty, director/producer of Farmageddon;

For tickets & info, visit www.farmtoconsumer.org/events or call (703) 208-FARM (3276) by June 13, 2013