It’s #FairFood time!

It’s that time of year…when our attention turns to giant elephant ears, pork tenderloin sandwiches and deep-fried delicacies. Fair food. Annual indulgences that live on through decadent stories and colorful Instagram food porn.

But, did you know that Slow Food Indy celebrates fair food (of a slightly different variety) all year long?

So what is “fair food” the remaining fifty weeks of the year? What makes food fair? Is it affordable food? Is it food you can get to easily? Is it high-quality, nutritious food grown by safe, sustainable methods? Is it food you know how to cook and share with your family and friends?

Fair Food

Fair food is all of those things and it is a focal point in our mission.

We aim to promote good, clean and fair food. So, after you head out to the state fair for a tasty splurge, come back and see us to learn about the fair food we promote all year long. Start with these 5 easy ways to support fair food.

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