Meat the Farmers

Let’s take a look at the farms whose products will be featured at Slow Meat 3 on Tuesday, May 9!

Distelrath Farms

Distelrath Farms is a small, farm-based private school which families use to supplement their home-schooling curriculum. Their mission is to develop self-reliant, lifelong learners by facilitating an agriculturally-immersive, holistic educational space. 

In 2010, Sarah and Andrew Distelrath bought a chunk of vacant farm-land and transformed it into a 7-1/2 acre classroom. For the next five years, they learned how to farm, how to run a business, how to care for the property and develop a strong family unit.

The farm welcomes school groups, workshops, and original programming for the public schools. Over the next two years, Distelrath Farms will continue to grow its educational outreach and hopes to create a replicable program.

Heritage Meadows Farm

Established in 2013, Alan and Amy McKamey started Heritage Meadows Farm to be able to produce healthy food for their family and become more self-sufficient.  Located just west of Indianapolis in Clayton, Heritage Meadows Farm produces humanely raised, pastured rare breeds of Heritage livestock, open pollinated non gmo herbs and produce, seasoning blends, jams, and soaps. 

The farm does not use chemical herbicides or pesticides and their livestock only receives antibiotics or other medications when medically necessary. One of the main goals at the farm is to help preserve many of the endangered breeds of livestock. To save these breeds they need a purpose and by working with Slow Food Indy, chefs and others, they hope to be able to achieve this.

Heritage Meadows Farm’s slogan is “From Mating to Market.” This slogan was chosen because all of their animals spend their entire lives on the farm. Alan and Amy McKamey were named homesteaders of the year by Grit in 2014 and serve as the vice president of the Large Black Hog Association.

Red Frazier Bison

Red Frazier Bison is operated by a group of friends with a passion for nature, bison, hard work and providing a quality product to their community.

Zach Martin and Danielle Schafer own the ranch and have the assistance of partners Marc Huffman, Jennifer Karnes, and Colby and Jenna Miller to help with the day-to- day operations. Red Frazier Bison is fortunate to have a tremendous amount of support from family, friends and fellow ranchers that are helping make the vision a reality. 

Tyner Pond Farm

Tyner Pond Farm, based on Greenfield, Indiana, sells sustainably-raised beef, pork, chicken, and lamb to consumers and locally-owned restaurants in Central Indiana.

Tyner Pond Farm was founded in 2010 to mend a broken industrial food system. By focusing on feeding people instead of profits, Tyner Pond Farm is working to create a sustainable marketplace for farmers to raise, harvest, and sell meat in a way that’s good for the land, good for the animals, good for the farmers, good for the local economy, and good for the customer.

Tyner Pond Farm meats taste better than industrially farmed meats because the animals are raised on rotational, grass pastures and are never given any chemicals, hormones or who‐knows‐what; just good old grass, mud and love. Customers are invited to learn more and order online at www.TynerPondFarm.

Come talk to these farmers about their work and taste what the chefs create with their products at Slow Meat 3, May 9 6:30pm at Flat 12 Bierwerks & Smoking Goose Meatery.

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