SEEDS for Good 

The SEEDS for Good grant  was created to help out our farmers, farmers markets and to support our community in providing food for those in need. These funds must be requested, and are specifically directed to ensuring that our farmers markets are successful, allowing a portion of the monies to help offset the cost of PPE for volunteers, direct small grants for markets who have waived the vendor fee this season as well as grant money set aside specifically for purchasing fresh produce and products from farmers to donate directly to organizations that are fighting hunger in our city,

particularly working to support black people, POC and other underserved communities.

Indianapolis is a USDA recognized food desert that has experienced food apartheid for a long time, and hopefully this grant will help us continue to support those fighting to end hunger and keep discussion going about creating real change.

ALSO: If you would like to help out, you can help us reach more people by donating here on our website if you so wish. 

Who should apply:

1. Farmers markets waiving vendor fees

2. Farmers markets who need financial support to purchase reliable PPE for volunteers, vendors and workers.

3. Organizations looking to provide fresh produce for food pantries or another organizations wanting to provide fresh produce to those experiencing hunger.

HOW TO apply:

Please send a request email to: with SEEDS request in the subject line. Requests can be made up to $250. We will respond within 10 business days.