Snail of Approval

Slow Food Indy launched its Snail of Approval program in 2012 to showcase the chefs and restaurants that are committed to good, clean and fair food. The program added grocers and artisanal products in 2015, and farms in 2016. In 2017, it will expand to include beverage producers.

Support Snail of Approval businesses with your food dollars, and tell Slow Food Indy about your experiences by mentioning @slowfoodindy and tagging #SnailofApproval on social media.


Check out the current list of Snail of Approval businesses.

What it takes to earn the Snail

Snail of Approval businesses complete an application to self-report things like:

  • Seasonal ingredients or menus

  • Local, sustainable product sourcing

  • Green business practices like composting or recycling

  • Humane treatment of people and animals

  • Investment in fair labor practices


Slow Food Indy selects the most qualified applicants and awards the Snail of Approval throughout the year. Recipients re-apply for the award bi-annually to ensure an on-going commitment to good, clean and fair food.



Snail applications are live!


As of January 22, 2018, our snail application is open all year until late fall – to get ready for our annual Snail Meet & Greet at the beginning of November. You can easily apply online! Our board will discuss applications at the following board/committee meeting, then get back in touch with approval or questions.




Restaurants, Artisans, Grocers




If you would like to download the application and mail it in, follow the links below.

Please email your completed application to or mail it to P.O. Box 2884, Indianapolis, IN 46206-2884.

You can also download, print and mail in by clicking these icons:

Restaurants, Grocers & Artisans